We help businesses in Georgetown, SC with IT support. Our IT support service can help improve your business and reduce overhead.

No Markups on Information Technology, IT, Support for Business, Dental Practices or Law Firms
Local Information Technology, IT, Support Techs for Business, Dental Practices or Law Firms
Break and Fix Information Technology Services, IT, Support for Business, Dental Practices or Law Firms
Information Technology, IT, Services $75 per hour for Business, Dental Practices or Law Firms
No Information Technology, IT, Services Contracts for Business, Dental Practices or Law Firms

IT Support Georgetown SC

Our IT support in Georgetown, SC helps clients with their IT needs. We help clients solve IT problems with quick response times. Our goal of is to fix the problem on the first call.

Every business needs tech to operate.  We work with law firms, hotels, doctors, dentists and other types of business. We love to work with owners and staff who enjoy IT and tech. We can help with IT support for all kinds of tech needs.

We help fix printers, computers, or any other devices you may use. We can fix slow internet, network issues or local connection problems. Our team can install low voltage wires for your building or office.

Our support can fit any budget. Our support service is just $75 per hour with no monthly fees.

We make sure our clients get the best price and buy direct from vendors. There are no hidden markups or fees. Our techs work full time for e-vos and focus on our client issues.

We are happy to provide a free consult to review your current IT system and offer ways to help.

No Monthly IT Support Fees

Our IT Support is there as needed for break and fix issues.

No IT Hardware Markups

We do not markup any hardware for clients.

No Software Markups

Clients purchase software direct from vendors

$75 per Hour IT Support Rate

Simple flat rate for support issues

Free Consult for IT Support in Georgetown, SC

Our free consult will help locate IT problems and make sense of your IT setup. Our goal is to help every client improve their IT systems.

We do our best to fix  IT problems and keep systems running. If you are tired of IT issues slowing down your work, please contact us.