e-vos does not charge clients price markups on IT hardware
e-vos offers local IT technicians to provide IT support
e-vos provides IT support on a break and fix basis
e-vos charges clients seventy five dollars per hour for IT support services
e-vos does not require long term contracts for IT support service

Computer Setup for Remote Workers

We help IT departments manage their employee onboarding and offboarding by setting up and shipping devices when needed.

Decentralized companies need help managing their computer setup process. Often times remote workers do not have room at their houses to store the laptops and equipment for new employees. Our team can assist with this problem.

Our clients ship the necessary hardware for new employees to our office. We setup the hardwrae according to the specifications they request. We then work with the clients to ship the computers to their employees.

We can also receive used devices from former employees and dispose of them or get them ready for the next employees. This process helps IT and HR departments streamline the onboarding and offboarding process for employees.

No Monthly IT Support Fees

Our Support is as needed setup.

No Software Markups

Clients purchase software direct from vendors

$85 per Hour IT Support Rate

Simple flat rate for support

Free Consult for Computer Setup for Remote Workers

Our free consult will help review your current hardware setup process and look for ways that we can assist.

Our goal is to help clients reduce their inhouse IT workload and help HR mange the onboarding and offboarding of employees.