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MAJOR NERD ALERT!!! The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is being released today to the more than 350 MILLION devices now running Windows 10, and it is full of new and improved features!! (Can you tell we are really excited?? I mean, we are nerds after all) Below is a short bullet list of some of the improvements…and don’t be shy…call us if you have any questions (843) 410-0050.

  • On the Start Menu the All apps option has now been replaced with an alphabetical list of all of your apps.
  • Your time zone will now be set automatically (similar to iOS).
  • Windows Hello now lets your camera use facial recognition to log you into Windows without using a password.
  • Project to PC (similar to Remote Desktop) allows you to find a PC to project to from a phone or another PC (and use that devices keyboard or mouse).
  • A new and improved Skype app which allows you to get Skype notifications whether you have the app open or not.
  • Cortana improvements now on the lock screen so you can use her to make a note, set an alarm or reminder and a lot more without even logging on.
  • Sync phone notifications to your PC. This is great–now if you have a Windows 10 Phone or Android Cortana will sync notifications from all of your phone apps to your PC. So, you will now be able to rely to messages and quickly send things like photos from a phone directly to your PC.
  • Windows Ink (which is basically a centralized location to find built in and third-party apps that work with your stylus) allows Cortana to translate what you write on the new sticky notes into actual reminders plus a lot more.

In addition to those cool new and improved features, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings two big new security features: Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) to help thwart advanced malicious attacks, and Windows Information Protection which enables businesses to separate personal and organizational data and helps protect corporate data where ever it goes. In addition, Windows 10 now allows users to run two antivirus programs on their PC (not that you need it with the new security improvements).

Did your PC automatically make this update? If you are not sure, or you need to manually install it give us a call! We can help you with that, as well as tell you everything and more you want to know more about Microsoft, Office 365, keeping your data safe, and we can help design a scalable IT solution that works for your business!! (843) 410-0050

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