Change your passwords regularly to keep information safe online

Ryan Bush

How often do you change your online passwords? Do you have one password that you use for everything? Is it your dog’s name, or your nickname followed by the number 1? We have all been guilty at one time or another of choosing an easy password. However, now that so much sensitive and identifying information is stored online it is important to keep that information as safe as possible. Trying to create and then remember a long, complicated password just so you can order something from Amazon is annoying, right? I agree. Unfortunately, it is also completely necessary. Did you hear about the LinkedIn hack where more than 6.5 million usernames (emails) and passwords were released onto the internet? Or worse, did you hear about the hack because your username (let’s call it what it is—your email address) and password was one of the ones released? What did you do?… Read more!