Ryan Bush

The biggest mistakes surrounding cloud computing deployments stem from improper planning. The greatest advantage cloud computing provides a business is scalability. Scalability can only be achieved if there is a clear plan for scaling services up and down. Developing a scalable model starts with mapping each individual position based on the organizational chart. A list of tools or programs required for each position should be created to determine what cloud services are needed for each individual. This map gives the business a clear path for adding and removing individual employees as well as a per head cost of employees based on position.

The next step is to determine what type of collaborative tools the business should deploy. In order to determine collaborative tools the organizational chart should be used to map out who needs to share data. Once the data sharing map is completed a business can determine which cloud services will be used for each point of collaboration. After the collaboration tools are assigned, an organization can determine the level of access each user type, based on the organizational chart, needs within the collaborative service. This data sharing map will provide an organization with a clear understanding of how it plans to grow and work securely on a team level.

The maps created for the individual and the team will give an organization a clear path for growth. It will also provide the IT department with a clear understanding for onboarding and team expansion. The final step is to treat these maps as a constant work in progress that should evolve as your business and needs change. Having the ability to scale the services quickly means minor changes will not require a system rebuild so the IT budget can focus on projects that improve productivity rather than system maintenance.

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