Ryan Bush

Moving is the worst…even when you are “moving on up like George and Weezie.” So many things must be considered and it can get overwhelming fast. In the event you have not guessed yet we are in the middle of this right now, so in an effort to help everyone ever facing this we have created a few checklists…

You have decided it is time to move your office, but where do you want to go?

  1. Determine your budget (this is never fun)
  2. After determining your budget, create a TENTATIVE timeline (circumstances beyond your control WILL alter this…)
  3. Meet with a commercial realtor and start the space search (and try not to get discouraged when it seems nothing is perfect—one of the spaces that “would be perfect for you guys” ended up having more bathrooms than offices, complete with a Jacuzzis and wet bars)
  4. Negotiate your lease (this usually takes much longer than you can imagine)
  5. Set your moving date.

Once you have all of those little details taken care of the real fun begins!

If you are asking yourself, “why a blog post about finding a new office space?” The answer is: we are in the middle of doing this ourselves. Check back because: So you are moving to a new office…Part 2: Calls and Appointments is coming soon!

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