Jeb Molony

We recently built the website for the Kulp Law Firm a criminal defense firm located in Charleston, South Carolina.  While working on this project we noticed for the first time the weight that Google is now placing on mirrored content as far as penalizing search results.  Mirrored content refers to an old search engine optimization trick where a person creates a website, then copies all of the content and places it on a more search friendly URL.  In the past the greatest deterrant from doing this was simply the fact that the content would not update across sites so the maintenance was a little more time consuming.  However, in the new model of searches and search engine results it appears the technique of gaming the results is becoming highly frowned upon.  In fact Google Ad Words will not permit you to run ads to websites containing mirrored content any longer. The fact the search engines can detect whether or not you are trying to run an ad to a mirrored site within a few seconds gives you an understanding of the speed that the search engines are moving and crawling the internet.  This speed is so great that the need for keywords is most likely close to being obsolete because the results can be based purely on content.  Google and Bing can better determine the keywords of a page based upon the actual content written on the page rather than the keywords a person tells the search engine.

The best advice we can give based upon these results is to continue generating fresh quality content for your website and make sure your site and blog are contained inside one domain without mirrored sites.