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Microsoft developed a cloud platform meant to provide scalable IT infrastructure designed to handle the needs of enterprise business operations. However, the same cloud platform that was designed for enterprise clients is now available for use by businesses of all sizes. The most important services directly affecting small and medium sized businesses are Office 365, Hosted Exchange and Microsoft Azure.

Office 365 offers clients the traditional Microsoft Office suite of applications inside a cloud environment which expands the collaboration capability. Office 365 improves collaboration within an organization through SharePoint and OneDrive. These additions to the Office suite make it easy for businesses to develop solutions tailored to their needs outside of any management software they are currently using. SharePoint can help automate business processes while OneDrive provides anytime access to documents and allow users to share documents with people inside and outside their organization.

Hosted Exchange offers businesses the opportunity to move all of their email into a secure hosted infrastructure. By moving email hosting into this service it removes the expense of an exchange server from the business and opens the email, calendar, contacts and task availability up to any device with an internet connection. The data for the individual users sync across every device so there are not multiple copies of emails, contacts or calendar items. The increased availability of data for users helps improve employee productivity.

Microsoft Azure is the most robust cloud offering from Microsoft that offers small and medium sized businesses the opportunity to configure a virtual network for hosting proprietary or necessary management software. The ability to host software that is vital to a business inside a virtual environment means there in no longer a need for in house hardware such as servers. The reduced capital expenditures and maintenance mean cost savings for businesses that require this functionality. In addition the server data will be available to any device with an internet connection which will also improve productivity.

The Microsoft Cloud is available to businesses of all sizes and can be tailored to the exact needs of any company. For anyone making decisions about IT infrastructure it is imperative to consider the power and cost savings Microsoft is currently offering.

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