Jeb Molony

In our opinion the recent changes to the Google search algorithm have added new elements to the social media campaigns of most businesses. One of the most major changes came in the form of additional weight to Pinterest and the presence of a business inside the social media network.  With this change many businesses have asked what is Pinterest and why does it matter?

Pinterest is a social media community that describes itself as a “tool for collecting and organizing the things you love.” The concept is fairly simple, you create cork boards for different topics such as clothes, recipes, travel or an event then you find images inside of Pinterest that you want to Pin to a board.  Then your friends can follow your boards and see the things you like and Re-Pin them if they like them.  One of the most popular uses is for planning a wedding. For businesses not selling a tangible good this may seem like a useless tool, but it is far from that.

The reason Pinterest matters is because of retail. Pinterest has managed to place themselves between consumers and retailers because the pictures people are pinning carry hyperlinks back to the retailers.  When a person sees an article of clothing they like inside of Pinterest they can click on the image and be taken to the retailer’s website. In the world of marketing retail is the giant and everything else is secondary.

The retail sector is what drives trends in the marketing industry. Retailers pay the most money for advertising whether it is online or not. Because retail leads the trends in marketing it is important to understand what forces are driving retail in order to better align your brand and business, even if it is a professional service, than it is to dismiss something as not pertinent.

Because it is easier to ride the wave than fight the current it is important for every business that is currently working on its online brand and presence to take a look at a Pinterest account. Remember Google makes its money from online advertising, at the core of everything Google does is the end goal of placing better advertisements to consumers. Because Google’s focus is advertising the most important trends will arise from retail which will in turn drive search results.