Jeb Molony

           Generating content which is relevant to a business can sometimes be difficult.  In the past blog posts may have required content creation once a month or once a week; however, with social media taking over marketing there is increasing pressure to create new content far more often than once a month or week.  The best way to generate content is to have a system for writing and posting which centers around a current marketing theme.

            Creating content on the fly can work if there is easy access to available content which can be used for posting.  However, the downside to generating content on the spot is the potential for disconnected posts.  For example, if a company has three products and posts about 2 of them one month then two different ones the next month then people who follow the content streams can become confused about what they are reading.  Keeping the message focused and methodical will give a business the best chance to connect with customers.

            In order to create such a system a business should have its marketing department meet once a month to decide which products or services they wish to market the following month.  Once the marketing department has determined the list of products or service to market then a list of outlets for relevant content should be compiled.  Seek Twitter feeds, news outlets, or websites which discuss topics relevant to the services or products to be marketed.  Next subscribe to these feeds, create a calendar for major deadlines such as blog posts or press releases and a schedule of goals for social media posts.  The following month as deadlines and posts are due the marketing campaign will be more organized and the content will be easier to generate.

           Planning for a marketing campaign and setting realistic goals will help a business stay organized in its message to potential clients.  People who read articles and posts regularly want to feel connected to the company and a common theme will help them stay focused and stay in tune with what the business is doing.  Remember followers do not have to be customers to bring clients to the business they simply have to remember the message and feel a connection to make a recommendation to a potential client.