Jeb Molony

e-vos was recently a presenter at the Dorchester County CLE for technology.  The topics presented were email security and search engine optimization for law firms.  Lawyers in Charleston, Dorchester, and Berkley counties all face similar issues.  Email security is becoming increasingly difficult to manage and understand because cloud vendors are replacing in house exchange servers for many firms.  Lawyers need to keep up with the end user license agreements and if they practice personal injury or other areas of law that involve protected health information they need to be aware of HIPAA HITECH and the regulatory requirements it has in place.  In particular a business needs a signed business associate agreement or BAA.  Microsoft's online Exchange offers law firms an affordable means for accomplishing compliance.

The most important aspects about search engine optimization for law firms in Charleston, SC are to make sure the law firm correctly targets an audience online and stays focused with its brand and message in order to attract the best clients possible.  Law firms need to approve and review all content prior to it being placed on the internet in order to maintain compliance with the BAR's rules about advertising and representations.  To learn more about the CLE or the topics discussed please contact us.