Remote Conferences

We have been helping clients retrofit their conference rooms for video conferencing as businesses reopen. If you need ideas for setting up your conference room here are some things to keep in mind. The three main components are the television for viewing the conference, the camera for broadcasting and the microphone for the audio.

When selecting a television look for a smart tv with 4k capabilities. Depending on the layout of the conference room you will need to determine the best mount. Wall mounts can be setup when there is space and studs available, but when space is limited you can use a mobile tv stand. Make sure the tv is mounted high enough that everyone can see. Mounting the television at the correct height allows you to place the camera on top of the television.

When selecting a web camera you should choose one that is both high definition and operates over USB. The web camera will need to plug into a computer. For the computer an HP Nuc or other mini computer can be mounted behind the TV. The web camera can then be mounted above the television to get the best angle on the room.

Finally, when selecting the microphone choose whether to use the mic built into the web camera or one that can be sat on the table. A multi directional microphone can make it easier for everyone at the table to join in the conversation. For any additional help connecting your network or computer then you can consult with your IT support.

As businesses come back from COVID there will be a continued emphasis on remote work. Video conferencing services will play an integral in this work and connecting people. Ensuring your employees have the resources they need to remain productive while staying socially distant will keep your business operating and moving forward.