Jeb Molony

e-vos website design is a full service website design firm located in Charleston, South Carolina.  e-vos helps businesses design websites that clearly depict their message to their target audience.


Many website designs do not take into consideration the future of internet searches.  With the release of Windows 8 the hardware manufacturers ramped up their design of tablets, laptop/tablet hybrids, and flat laptops.  Most notably the Windows 8 platform centers around personal user experience similar to the IPad.  The Google Chrome book is a sleek netbook designed to search the internet and manage personal lives through Google accounts.

Similar to the IPad the new Windows 8 platform and Google Chrome netbook will focus on a user's personal experience and encourage them to surf the internet.  As internet searches move to the new devices the need for websites which adapt to these device interfaces.  In addition to the tablet interfaces are mobile interfaces for phones.  Remember to take the future of devices into consideration when designing a website.