Jeb Molony

Bookkeeping for Sales People

Improving bookkeeping for your sales people means focusing on the two issues that cause them the most issues, tracking receipts for expenses and mileage for work related travel. These issues can be solved with a mobile device such as a phone or tablet which can use GPS to track miles traveled and a camera to photograph receipts. If you connect the device to an app that allows you to tag and upload the receipts to a shared folder then you can streamline the reimbursement process for your sales team.

Time Tracking

Improve time tracking by using apps that are designed to synchronize to all of your devices so that you can always enter time no matter where you are working.  Taking the time to perform the administrative task of time tracking after every task will help you track time and gather more accurate data to process the pricing of your product or service. Make sure the time tracking app easily and accurately synchronizes with your bookkeeping software.


Invoicing is often the most time consuming bookkeeping activity for businesses that track time each month.  The process of gathering, submitting and approving the time entries from employees each month can often be daunting.  Your business should implement a schedule for each activity and assign the responsibility of the tasks to members of your team. Make sure your invoices are sent to clients on the same date each month to help improve cash flows