Jeb Molony

The e-vos blog will be designed to help readers better understand how technology is affecting their business and more importantly understand how technology can be used to improve their business. This blog is not designed for business owners who are looking for a quick fix in a dismal economy, but rather business owners who want to find new ways to improve their profitability through the use of new technology. Profitability can be improved by either cutting overhead or expanding revenues. e-vos can help business owners cut overhead and improve business processes through cloud based management systems and outsourced bookkeeping. For businesses which are currently running efficiently e-vos websites and search engine optimization can help develop an online marketing campaign which can easily be managed by the business. This blog will be used to update readers about the current technology for management and bookkeeping as well as the latest news for how to manage online marketing campaigns. The first post will be Tuesday March 27th, and a new post will be made weekly. Please follow the blog, provide us feedback, and help us improve as we try to make the conversation relevant as well as entertaining.

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