Windows 10 Anniversary Update is here!!

Ryan Bush

MAJOR NERD ALERT!!! The Windows 10 Anniversary Update is being released today to the more than 350 MILLION devices now running Windows 10, and it is full of new and improved features!! (Can you tell we are really excited?? I mean, we are nerds after all) Below is a short bullet list of some of the improvements…and don’t be shy…call us if you have any questions (843) 410-0050. On the Start Menu the All apps option has now been replaced with an alphabetical list of all of your apps. Your time zone will now be set automatically (similar to iOS). Windows Hello now lets your camera use facial recognition to log you into Windows without using a password. Project to PC (similar to Remote Desktop) allows you to find a PC to project to from a phone or another PC (and use that devices keyboard or mouse). A new and… Read more!