Necessary Advice for Startups

Ryan Bush

Startups seem glamorous and fun to the outside world, but the truth is they can be tedious and extremely exhausting. While we do not claim to know it all, there are a few lessons that have been learned along the way…   Have a plan in advance. A startup requires you to make difficult decisions based on time and capital. You do not always have time to think through every decision and possible consequence when the issues arise. The only way to guarantee you will make the best decision possible when the time comes is to have a plan in advance and not to second guess that plan in the moment. Plans must be flexible enough to change at a moment’s notice but strong enough to weather the short term setbacks and delays that occur in startups. Focus on your customer’s experience. The best way to differentiate your brand and… Read more!

Branding in The Next Digital Age

Jeb Molony

           Branding a company is never easy, but in a world which is largely becoming digital the challenges facing a company with branding become increasingly difficult.  In the past branding relied heavily on interactions which occurred between consumers and service providers or vendors in person.  Businesses relied on brick and mortar stores to attract customers and provide them with an experience while service providers utilized personal interactions to build a relationship and brand their company.  As the world shifts into the next digital age where online shopping and social media will collide to produce a new shopping experience many businesses are trying to find ways to re-brand themselves or continue to build their real world brand in a virtual setting.             The first concept a business must form is who their customers are and how will they interact with the company over the internet.  For vendors… Read more!