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It is official: 109 Wappoo Creek Drive, Suite 2-B is the new address for e-vos HQ! Now that the lease has been negotiated and the space is secure the real fun begins…

Time for logistics planning!! During this phase it is easy to overlook a lot of seemingly small details that have a major impact on your business.

Let’s start with the telephone calls:

  1. Call a contractor and schedule a time to walk through the new space to evaluate what work, if any, needs to be completed. (Note: Get ready for what can only be called The Great Paint Color Debate—I selfishly recommend making this a solo project. Just trust me on this one.)
  2. Call utility companies and schedule the date your service needs changed.
    1. INTERNET PROVIDER. (Your internet service provider may need you to schedule this several weeks before you move in…it is not like residential service. Forget this call and you could end up in serious trouble)
    2. Telephone service provider (again, if this is not scheduled far enough in advance you could find yourself sitting in a VERY quiet office…)
    3. Power and Gas
    4. Water
    5. Trash
    6. Insurance company
  3. Call your IT company (and by your IT company, I mean e-vos (843) 410-0050) and schedule an appointment for them to walk through the space to determine your low voltage needs. Ask for an estimate on wiring, as well as what they will charge to pack up all the equipment at your current office and set it up at the new office.
  4. Call the company that maintains your printers.
  5. Call commercial moving companies, schedule a time for them to evaluate your move and get quotes…let them know e-vos is taking care of all of your computer and networking equipment.

A few often forgotten things…

  1. Change your address! Begin by filling out change of address form on the USPS website (https://www.usps.com/). This is a short list of businesses, agencies and individuals that also need to be informed:
    1. Clients
    2. Vendors (do not forget the water delivery guys, and any other vendor that makes monthly deliveries)
    3. Bank(s)
    4. Current utility companies
    5. IRS
    6. State (SC Department of Revenue, SC Department of Unemployment)
  2. Review all marketing materials and update with new address where necessary
    1. Business cards
    2. Promotional items
    3. Booklets and Brochures
  3. Update your website with new address
  4. Signage requirements (if you are fortunate enough to have any)

Note: as I mentioned in the previous post, we are in the middle of doing this right now. More to come! Do not, however, let our move deter you from calling us to discuss your Cloud Services, Bookkeeping or Website Design needs!!

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