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This weekend we had a DDoS Attack on a client's website. Prior to this I had only read about such attacks on large corporations or governments as a form of christian louboutin sneakers protest so the idea that an attack could be launched against a small business was a foreign concept. A Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attack is a very basic concept of bombard a website with so many requests for information that you overload the bandwidth or server capacity of the website so that no one else can click on the site and view it. In simple terms line up hundreds or thousands of computers and send them all to the same website then click refresh christian louboutin sneakers uk every few milliseconds. 

This type of attack on a website is not an attempt to steal data, it is simply a way

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website useless from a functionality standpoint. These types of attacks are typically used in protest against large corporations by disgruntled employees, angry customers or third

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parties who oppose a controversial position that website has taken. Unfortunately, what we learned was there is little you can do to counteract such an attack because the attacker is simply starting with your company's website.

If the attacker is a computer program targeting an IP address it is possible to relocate your website to a new IP and confuse the program. Typically the program will relocate based on your website URL so the odds of this working are not great. There are services such as

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CloudFlare that can be used to disguise your IP address to confuse attackers. These services use Proxy Servers to bounce your website address around the world in order to confuse the attacker on which location is correct. These services can be invaluable if your website comes under frequent attack. 

In the end while these attacks are frustrating and annoying they christian louboutin mens shoes should not persist forever. Remember the attacker is spending time and money perpetrating the attack against your website, so  eventually the attacker should get tired

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site will be back up and functioning correctly. Also keep in mind this type of attack is not damaging your website files or data it is only overwhelming the hosting system so when the attack ends your site should be ok.